Knox County Commission and the Sunshine

Commissioners Justin Biggs and Charlie Busler sunshine lunch today at the Aubrey’s in Powell to discuss the Knoxville Centre Mall possibilities. Commissioners Carson Dailey and Vice Chairman Michelle Carringer attended as well.

Of course, I was there. Also, Kirstie Crawford with 6News attended. Also, Knox County businessman Bruce Williams and Steve Hunley, Publisher of the weekly publication Knoxville Focus.

Commissioners Dailey, Carringer, Busler and Biggs

Commissioners Dailey, Carringer, Busler and Biggs

Commissioner Biggs came to lunch with a copy of the PBA contract. Biggs said that Mayor Glenn Jacobs had said on Monday night that the county has a contract with the PBA and the City and the county can not break it. Biggs has secured the contract and in the contract he says that it states that the county is to approve the contract every August. Biggs has had the Knox County records checked and since 2001, Knox County Commission has not voted on a contract with PBA, so the county is under NO contract with PBA. So during the Mike Ragsdale, Tim Burchett and now in the second year of Glenn Jacobs administration, NO PBA contract has been voted on by Knox County Commission.

the front page of the PBA contract

the front page of the PBA contract

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3 Responses

  1. John R says:

    Let’s move Knox County government and the Knox County School System to Knoxville Center Mall and let UT have the TVA Tower. Ronald Reagan once said, “a half a loaf is better than none”. UT can have six floors and TVA can be happy with that.

  2. Where my GOP? says:

    Good point about UT can have half the TVA Tower. I wish Mayor Jacobs had that kind of vision.