The Kumbaya Meetings Ended with a Dumpster Fire

Back in October Knox County Commissioner Larsen Jay convened himself and 9 people to try and help the Knox County Merit System/Council and Knox County Sheriffs Department heal a perceived communication breakdown.

My blog covered all four meetings, more than 8 hours of discussions. The only recordings of the October, November and December meetings are here, here and here. Tonight’s meeting is here on Knox County’s YouTube page.

What became the sole real issue was what I posted in a predictive post here a couple days ago. A power grab by Knox Sheriffs HR Director Lysette Aviles and assuming she is speaking on behalf of Sheriff Tom Spangler They wanted to remove from the Merit Council from the scheduling of the psychological testing and physicals. Lt. Krystal Gibson a member of the Committee at last night’s meeting discussed professionally what “hypothetically” could happen without the Merit System acting as the independent third party handling the tasks. Aviles responded angrily and shouted I am offended and pushed her chair away from the desk.

Aviles during the remainder of the meeting would roll her eyes as Lt. Gibson would talk.

Aviles and Chief Bill Purvis (who for three of the four meetings sat in for KCSD Legal Counsel Mike Ruble) were sharing a computer and NOT 6 feet apart and not wearing masks. Also, KCSD employee Debbie Moore was in the same camera shot as Aviles and Purvis, but appeared to be more than 6 feet away and was without a mask.

Top Right is Aviles, Chief Purvis and Moore in the back

Left to Right Top Row, Jay, Lt. Gibson, Aviles, Chief Purvis and Moore. L-R Middle Row Mullinax, Taylor and Oster L-R Bottom Row Broyles, Beeler and Durrett.

The proposal of KCSD taking over scheduling of all pre-employment task died as a Recommendation by the Committee on a 4 in favor 6 in opposition vote.

Four in favor were Lt. Mullinax, Aviles, Purvis and Jay. Six in opposition were Broyles, Taylor, Lt. Gibson, Oster, Beeler and Durrett.

Multiple Sources indicate that Aviles has garnered a significant raise in pay recently, reportedly 10% and a take home vehicle. This is rumor and not yet confirmed.

I will be watching to see if the department takes any punitive actions on Lt. Gibson in the future. As the demeanor as recorded of Aviles could be interpreted by  common man to be hostile and intimidating.

I will always support the men and women of the uniformed body (Corrections, Patrol, Civilian, POST certified etc.) of the Knox County Sheriffs Department.




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