Tennessee Selects Rick Santorum

Tennessee participated in Super Tuesday primary election today. Tennessee selected Rick Santorum! Tennesseans rejected the millions of dollars of negative advertising by the Romney campaign. Tennessee rejected the preference of Governor Bill Haslam and Senator Lamar Alexander

Here I met Senator Rick Santorum at Temple Baptist Church the day following the Michigan Primary. 
With 93.79% of the statewide precincts reporting Rick Santorum received 37.34% to Mitt Romney‘s 27.91% to Newt Gingrich‘s 23.83% and finishing up with 9.13% is Ron Paul

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2 Responses

  1. Cherokee Sam says:

    Knox County did not cower to the Haslam machine and the minions in public office and on the television who are Haslam puppets and spout the Haslam mantra.

    If I were Bill Haslam, I would carefully take note of how poorly their candidate did in Tennessee, in East Tennessee, and in Knox County, given the millions spent to finish in second place every step of the way and the attachment that they have to a candidate and a message that their conservative base does not trust nor find favor with. Bill Haslam runs again in 2014 and while there may not be a Republican primary opponent, reemerbence of a strong conservative Democrat could make Haslam a one term deal. Don Sunquist was a Haslam offering, making a mess of Tennessee every step of the way.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Haslam, Burchett, Arnett, Stokes – local GOP establishment also got fully behind Joe Jarret – same effect as Mitt.

    Grass roots 2, establishment 0