Ballard Is Either Scared or He Believes He Is Running for President

Shock And Awe’s sources at WATE called yesterday laughing so hard. It seems that Gene Patterson‘s Tennessee This Week was recorded at 3:30 p.m. on Friday. The guest were John Whitehead, candidate for Knox County Property Assessor and his opponent Phillip Ballard. The way Patterson’s show works is that the first two segments are with the guests and the last segment is with pundits panel. The pundits panel is made up of three people. This week, Former Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale will debut as a pundit.

The station staff were first shocked and then began laughing because Ballard entered the station with his wife Cindy, his Chief Deputy Jim Weaver and County employee Betty Lane. Weaver and Lane are county employees, why they were not working for the taxpayers but were babysitting Ballard instead is still an intriguing question. 

Either Ballard is too scared to travel alone or he thinks the position of Property Assessor is as important as President and that he must travel with an entourage.

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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I watched the show today. I am glad that Mr. Whitehead was given the opportunity to clear up the misconception (lie) about Parkey's departure from the Assessor's office. He was NOT fired. He left (quit) because of the conflicting opinions over who to support. And, in supporting Mr. Ballard, assured his daughter's continued employment with Knox County.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ballard is dispecable – if voters truly knew who this guy is, they would demand his resignation! He sexually harrasses the women in the assessor's office (being investigated), he broke the Sunshine Laws (remember black Wednesday), he double the value of a poor single mom who almost lost her house and this idiot did nothing to help her. That lady was Barbara Johnson – John Whitehead helped her throught the appeals process when Ballard's people would not help. Oh yeah, Ballard's pregnant daughter is in prison for dealing drugs…plus, he hangs-out at the Electric Cowboy night club – is this the guy you want assessing your property?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am sure old has been Betty Lane, useless Jim Weaver were paid to watch this idiot drool and stutter through the interview. And I am sure Cindy and Phil, Betty and Jim arrived in County take home cars. Only 7000 votes, and I'm sure most of them were for John. Heck Phil I personally witnessed you offer $500 to a respected county commissioner to see her do a belly dance. Phil if you are going to start a negative campaign, you mentioned that your pregnant daughter conceived her child while in drug rehab. Cameras honestly, have you sexually harassed employees again, did PBA install these or is it some sick twisted acts to watch so many women turn you down?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi srobo calling is like the new computer system that he installed its just a front. The calls are being answered mostly by answering machine, the computer system is off line and doesn't work. Its sad that employees were told to take a shorter work week to be able to make payroll. Phil used the surplus money from volunteers to hire a new guy in the mapping department. What a piece of trash. I say throw them all out. Especially Lane, Rudder, Weaver and Leuthold. We can do without them, the office ran fine when Rudder was out of family leave act, and last Friday the office was on autopilot while the do nothings played Candid Camera. Thank God for underpaid and over worked employees, we are the back bone of the PA's office. Phil the next time you threaten us as employees for speaking to the public, cover your lard butt and turn off the cameras. Our cellphones make great movies too, bet Rudder will pass a Stacy Campfield resolution tomorrow, now hear this no cell phones in the office. LOL, no LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO at your expense Phil. I bet the public would love to see how you really act in the office, my cell phone has a great movie of you cursing and screaming in the office. My classic picture is how you looked pointing your fat finger at us, threatening us, we are over you Phil, go back to pettling BUTTER and EGGS at the farm, your know those things that are shot straight out of the chickens rear end. Kindof like your mouth with all the garbage you go on with.

  5. Anonymous says:

    If I were Ballard I would do a 180 and run for the Jefferson County line. If my secrets were revealed like his have been then its all over. Your not capable of being a property assessor, you can't manage your own family, you can't pass the state certified testing, you can't win an election unless you strong arm people, you can't open your mouth without lies flying out both sides, you can't fool us into believing you will not groom Craig for the next four years to become the next candidate for property assessor, you can't convince your staff that Betty, Jim and Paula will not get the boot if you should win this election. Mr. Ballard, you can't do anything right can you? Watch out people for this man, he is dangerous, hostile, and cracks easily under pressure. Are you even attending Lyons Creek Baptist any longer, if you are I sure bet that pew gets mighty hot under your rear end.