Partisan Politics and the 2023 City of Knoxville Elections

The daily paper and Compass Knoxville have reported the involvement of the Knox County Republican Party in the November 7 General Election.

The Democrat Chair is quoted and acts as if they (the Democrats) are not involved in the 2023 City election. That is interesting, when Mr. Vaughan (a good friend of the Democrat Chair and the District 5 State Executive Committeeman of the TNDP, here) is the campaign manager for the challenger of Knoxville Municipal Judge John Rosson, Jr. and is also managing the candidate for at large Seat B (that ran as a D in 2022 against Knox County Mayor).

Councilman Charles Thomas of the Fifth District is unopposed. The at Large Seat A Councilwoman Lynne Fugate will be on the ballot alone due to untimely death of former Knox County Democrat Chair Cameron Brooks. The at Large Seat C is Councilwoman Amelia Parker and Tim Hill.

When the Democrat Chair informs a prospective candidate that he is supporting someone else for a position because another candidate has hired his friend Jack Vaughan, isn’t that an endorsement of the party’s involvement?

As for party involvement, much has been made of one candidate having appeared at a rally and introducing elected officials. How about when TN State Rep. Gloria Johnson a Democrat has endorsed a candidate for municipal judge that while in College, the candidate then was a member of The Federalist Society? Is Gloria now advocating for The Federalist Society?

screenshot on September 20, 2023 5:01 pm of the TNDP State Executive Committee.

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