Matlock Decision

I have been overwhelmed and deeply touched by the number of people – many of whom I didn’t previously know – who have encouraged me to run for the 2nd congressional district seat.  This is a state and a community that I’m proud of.  I’m proud to have served the people of East Tennessee in the Legislature.  This is where generations of my family have lived and where we raised our family.  My father started our family business here over 70 years ago.  I care about the people of East Tennessee and how we are represented.  

I have always had a deep desire to serve the people of East Tennessee.  But I don’t believe serving in elected office is the only or even the best way for me to serve in this moment.  I try to do that every day in my business, as a member of my community, and in my role on the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.  

Our country needs leadership but so does our community and that is where I want to serve right now.  As a business owner, I see the extensive problems we face in higher education and preparing the next generation of our workforce.  This shapes the future of East Tennessee – how our community will grow, be led, and the opportunities our children will have, here. I believe that’s how I can help make a real difference for the benefit of all Tennesseans, and that’s where l’ll focus my public service energies.

God bless this great country and the people therein –
Jimmy Matlock

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