TN State Rep Monty Fritts Town Hall – Saturday March 23, 2024 Lenoir City

First off, I don’t know TN State Rep. Monty Fritts (Dist.32). I introduced myself to Fritts at United States Senator Bill Hagerty‘s February 23, 2024 Knoxville briefing on America’s Southern border. In full disclosure, Fritt’s predecessor former State Rep. Kent Calfee and his wife Marilyn are dear friends of mine. They are closer to me than some extended family in my life.

I saw a notice that Fritts was having a Lenoir City Town Hall and decided to attend. Primarily because the Knox County State Reps do not have town hall meetings. If there are any in East TN I try and attend.

Twenty years ago, when I was on the Knox County School Board, I held meetings at every school in my district twice a year. As a Conservative Representative Republic public servant, I like town hall meetings.

Saturday morning, when I arrived, Gary Busch, President-Chair of the Conservative Club of Tellico and I parked near each other as we walking in so too was and State Rep. Lowell Russell. Russell is a longtime friend.

I will confess that I secretly wanted a blog worthy Town Hall like Rep. Gina Bulso recently had, check it out here from News Channel 5. When Busch, Rep. Russell and I walked in there were about two dozen people. That number did not fluctuate more than two during the 90 minute town hall.

I am not sure if Fritts recognized me from Hagerty’s event, but he shook my hand and was cordial, before the town hall began. During an exchange with Lenoir City Schools Assistant Director Milicent Beaty Smith and Fritts, Fritts asked if I recorded that, that it was good. Obviously I was. Also in attendance was Loudon County Schools Director Mike Garren and Fifth District Loudon County School Board Member Melissa Caldwell Browder.

Here are the topics and videos from yesterday’s Town Hall.

The beginning and Asian Carp (it is a fish) here or below

Frankenmeat here or below

Gun Bills here or below

Marriage Bill here or below

Oath Bound, Duty Bound here or below

Bill 694 here or below “governor hates this bill”

Banking bill here or below

School Choice here or below

Q&A School Choice here or below

Current TN Commissioner of Education here or below

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