Knox County’s Political Opposition Is Not the Meanest and Nastiest

A week ago yesterday, the Loudon County Commission met to pass the annual budget and tax rate. They passed a 25 cent property tax increase. A good portion of that is going to Loudon County Schools to fund new school to serve the student population on the Northern end of the county.

The political opposition showed up and showed out. It is one thing to have a position, make your argument and allow others do the same thing. The Commission allowed any one to speak that signed up. But when audience members are shouting questions and statements, provoking one Commissioner to ask an audience member, you wanna say that to my face!

It was wild, you can watch it here.

It still amazes me that Lenoir City has not voted itself out of the school business, requiring Loudon to take Lenoir City Schools over. Remember, Knoxville did that in the early 1990’s and Knox County is still paying for it.

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