Carter Community Recreation Park – Delayed Why? When Will it Be Reopened?

As most everyone knows, my family (Mom = Blake’s and Dad’s Plumlee & Hornback) were original settlers of East Knox County. I am a Sunnyview and Carter guy. My families lineage go from Holston River all the way to Four Way Inn to McCubbins Road / Carter Mill Rd vicinity.

Of course, the wife and I ventured West to Concord/Bluegrass in the early 1990’s and we’ve been in Southwest Knox Count ever since. However, when my people are upset and askin I seek out the answer.

Today at the Press Conference for Legacy Park Foundation’s acceptance of a land donation from Thunder Mountain, LLC for Knox County Parks and Recreation, I asked Knox County Director of Parks and Recreation about what caused the delay and when will it be fixed.

The issue pre-dates Director Mack. The previous Director Paul White was terminated by Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs, the intent of the renovation includes making the park ADA compliant the original plans did not include the dugouts being ADA compliant. So the plans had to be redone, additional money budgeted and determination if the current contractor could complete the current work.

Watch Joe Mack’s response here.

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