Knox County School Security & Central Office Timing

The news about the former School Security Chief investigation being released last night and front page of the product published by the Big Metal Shed on the Hill today had interesting timing.

This afternoon Lauren Davis of local8now had this exclusive. It seems that the new School Security Chief that we reported here on Sunday can not get on the job fast enough.

The Saturday night incident occured with acting Chief Rodney Beverly on the job. According to the victim and he is the ONLY one talking. One of Beverly’s employees decided that during his moonlighting job on Saturday as a bouncer at an East Knoxville club, that he would shoot an unarmed patron in the groin and then shut the door. While it is called an Elks Club, please see our post here that it is NOT the Elks Lodge that was founded in the 1800’s.

The schools central office when asked by Channel 8 would only say that the security officer is on leave with pay and that he is an 8 year employee of the district. Shock and Awe is working to identify the school where the employee was assigned. Because the public has a right to know.

As I have opined before, I believe that it is time that KPD should have the city schools and KCSO should have the county schools. This group of good ole boys, political back slapping club playing security are not what the students and staff need to keep them safe.

If a middle or high school student were to throw a swing at this guy, would he have shot the student in the groin? The accused and the School District need to come forward and talk, it is about safety first and foremost.

It is my understanding that the Knox County Sheriffs bond card and the state armed security guard license for the officer is paid for by the schools. His ability to work as an armed guard is very limited if not forbidden.

Did KPD take his weapon as part of their ongoing investigation? Was the ammunition used in his gun the duty ammunition issued by the schools? The officers have their own guns, they are not issued by the schools.

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  1. The Shadow says:

    You are spot on. From this school administration it’s really SOS (Same Old S—) over and over again.