Time to Recall Amy Broyles!

Second District Commissioner Amy Broyles has been utilizing disrespectful, derogatory, inflammatory rhetoric as a Commissioner in May and July. She was AWOL (Absent Without Leave) in June and the July workshop.

She likes to to “Sunshine” private meetings with several Commissioners. No media show up, but on Thursday I attended the “sunshine” meeting with her and Commission Chairman Mike Hammond. They had casual conversation. So, I will continue to ensure that my sources and myself when possible are attending and we will begin recording her “sunshine” meetings.

Here is Broyles disrespectful, derogatory, inflammatory rhetoric as a Commissioner from the July 2011 meeting. In this video clip, she states anonymous rumor as fact, she also states that we had a meeting about spending tax dollars in the other room and points to the back door. Is she admitting to having a meeting outside of the public view?

Here is Broyles disrespectful, derogatory, inflammatory rhetoric  as a Commissioner at the May 2011 Commission meeting.


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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Who elects these nightmares? LOL

  2. Unfortunately, the second district has been asleep. The folks who vote in that district are the extremist liberals. Just look when the second district was drawn after the 2000 census it had two normal, respectable citizens Billy Tindell and David Collins. After the 2000 census, the district elects Mark (not ivan's relative) Harmon and Amy Broyles. So, I understand the redistricting committee is working to restore sanity to the second district in this years redrawing

  3. Anonymous says:

    WOW. Thanks for posting that Brian. I had no idea. Why does Mike Hammond allow this behavior? As Chairman this reflects on him doesn't it? Tank Strickland didn't let her run wild.