Burchett Brags About The Hand Out He Begged For

Tim Burchett put out a press release today bragging about Governor Haslam giving him a $4.25 million hand out that Burchett went to Nashville and begged for.

Burchett likes to fuss and complain about out of control spending and pork barrel project funding. He boasts about how the county government knows what and how to do for itself. He puffs his chest out as a Conservative.

A Conservative doesn’t go groveling to the state government saying we can’t afford this Governor. We need help. If in fact it is a regional center, if Burchett walked his talk. He would have gone to all the counties in the area and said we need $4.25 million and lets split it among all of ourselves. But instead Burchett runs to Nashville and begs for a fix from the state. Governor Haslam being a native Knoxvillian in not wanting to hurt the home community gave in.

As for this sweet and syrupy story at VLT, I wonder what kind of concessions were or are being given for this type of one sided reporting.

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