Election Rumors, Only Rumors

Now, before you all start talking about this post keep in your mind that I am reporting election rumors, only rumors. Nothing that has been verified.

1) If Trustee Candidate Craig Leuthold is unsuccessful (very real possibility) that he will return to the Knox County Property Assessors Office to work with his “County Commission Friend” and Assessor Phil Ballard. Then in 2016, Leuthold will run for Property Assessor and if successful, will hire Ballard to be his Deputy Assessor. This has been termed the keep Ballard in the building plan A.

2) If Trustee Candidate Craig Leuthold is successful (long shot) he will hire Property Assessor Phil Ballard in 2016 when he is sent packing after his term limited time is over. This has been termed the keep Ballard in the building plan B.

3) I have been told that when Phyllis Severance, the Former First Vice Chair of the Knox County Republican Party agreed to MC Trustee Candidate Craig Leuthold’s Thursday event boasts were made that this was in exchange for support for Mrs. Severance’s son to run for Property Assessor in 2016. Not sure how the Ballard job security fits into this one. Ballard may want to begin working a Black Wednesday plan with Severance. Similar to the 2007 Black Wednesday deal that put his crony in the seat beside him on Commission in 2007.

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8 Responses

  1. Elmer Henderlight says:

    The term to define this type manipulation is defined as Hunleytized… After I read this last night over a tall glass of Metamucil I had the opportunity to think long and hard about Phil, Chuck and Craig. This reminded me of a quote from the movie, The Best Little Whore House in Texas. “These three clowns are slicker than cat shit on linoleum floor!!!” First out of the gate, Craig the Expo Center will not get you elected, rounding up the troops to fill a small room isn’t going to cut it. The Carolina blue signs will not prove your qualified, just that the Hunley crew is backing the wrong horse. Let me tell you if he could ride two asses he would. Anyone whom is plastered on the front page of the Focus is NOT the person for the job, they are labeled as Hunley’s bitch. Next, Phil your in enough hot water as it is, rumor has it you have been caught with two hands in a county cookie jar, delivering cookies to the nursing home and a new grand baby of the useless chair of the Republican party. Have you not learned anything from the actions of the previous trustee? Good grief sister agnes do I have to spell it out for you? If anyone wants to send flowers or a card to Linda Turner whom is rehabilitating down at the nursing home call the property assessors office and ask for the room number and address at 215-2362. Finally, old Phyllis selling her last jar of Geritol, this will not get her son elected as property assessor. Those whom have had an affair on both sides ending in a marriage are not suitable candidate here in the Bible belt. Gerald Turner and his play house of a committee needs to figure out how to get his delinquent taxes paid, that would be the only constructive measure to accomplish.

    NOW that I have pissed the entire courthouse crew off I have successfully accomplished more than Craig and Phil will accomplish in six months of playing assessor and banker. Lets put a bell in the lobby like Long John Silver’s, I seriously doubt you will ever hear it rung for doing a great job. But at least it will match the new roof at the revolving door. Has anyone seen that waste of money, damn Burchett, the county must be shitting in high cotton.

  2. Kellie says:

    I’m not sure what happened to you, but you have lost a friend in me because you have lost your way. Telling half truths and selling it to people makes you just as bad as the KNS that you used to talk so badly about spinning things. It makes me very sad to see this.

  3. BHornback says:

    Kellie, I am sorry that the campaign that you are involved with has caused you to turn the blog posts into a reason to have personal hate and disregard for this website.

    The intent in this website is to give a taste and see to what politicos have seen for years and the public has never seen. That makes most politicos that operate in the backrooms very uncomfortable.

    As for the race you are involved in, I know your friend and candidate and acquaintance for about 15 years. The other candidate I have know personally for about 31 years. The other candidate I have know for about 8-10 years. All three are good, decent men.

    The one you support in 2007, voted as one of 9 to put his father on the county commission payroll. With one family controlling 2/3 of our districts vote. On the same day, he supported a fellow Trustee employee and got a promotion and extensive raise in pay. That is not honoring the public trust.

    Elmer, as always not sure where and how you come up with so much info. It must be your advanced years out on the farm in Skaggston. I think it’s Skaggston, oh well.

    • Kellie says:

      Brian, there is no hate coming from me. Just disappointment. When you started this blog, and we talked about it. It was about getting true information out about different happenings in the KC political realm.
      It is not just about this race that concerns me. Its others that I see you posting about that are only half the story, but I guess getting the truth out there is not really what its about…. Its about who paid for what and who you like or don’t like. ALL PEOPLE have made mistakes. I don’t think any one of us is immune to sin. However, I feel like I can’t even trust what you post to be the truth because of things like the above. Those are rumors, and not even good ones. Phyllis is a very nice lady and she was simply asked and agreed to host the event. There was no back room deal. I get tired of hearing all the speculation about things that are so far stretched. Craig is a good man, and he is doing a good job. Just like saying he was standing over the auditors, we both know that is just not how an external audit is done. His audit was clean, and he even posts monthly reports from his office. I think it is sad that this blog has just become some place to trash people.

      • Elmer Henderlight says:

        Kellie, if thats your real name, as this Old Man trusts no one at this point, you obviously are suffering from the shit or go blind syndrome of the evil of the Courthouse. Before you go jumping down Brian’s neck, take the issue up with me. I will tell you just like it is, as at my age I don’t really care who doesn’t like the truth. Go over to the Old Courthouse and pull the video of the Black Wednesday cartel and see for yourself just how all of this played out. Its as plain as a goats ass what happened and you are obviously backing a deal maker. Craig, Phil, Steve and Jack are in the same boat. Pay close attention to the Focus and every candidate that is plastered to the front page, they are a Hunley stooge. Anyone whom is featured will not get the vote of intelligent people only the flock of Hunley supporters. Just like Jim and Tammy Bakker the fall will occur and Barnum and Baileys Tent will fall down around the circus ring. Until we get rid of Hunley’s bunch this town will continue to be like a third world country. No business wants to come here and if you look all around us, everything we could have had went to other counties. Think about it?

  4. BHornback says:

    Kellie, just cause it is said doesn’t make it true. Every post is backed up. Not one time has Craig called me, emailed me or text messaged me to report his side of the story.

    I took up a rumor post much like a certain publication use to have a Gossip, Rumors and Lies feature. Clearly had that not popped up, you wouldn’t have reacted with judgmental condemnation on my website or myself.

    When this blog was created almost 10 years ago, it operated without advertisers for 9 years, only taking on advertising a year ago. The ads do not determine the content.

    When a certain throw away paper was started the intent as told to me by the owner was to be a me too paper of the other, he said when they say tomato, I say tomato. My style doesn’t allow me to be a me too, I must be my own style and too that end a lot of people read it. You said you were done and have come back. We hate to lose you but our site traffic counts speak for themselves.

    I can’t be like Burger King and let you have it your way, I do it my way and the people that read it and honor my advertisers apparently appreciate it.

    You have repeated the same thing twice. Which according to our commenting policy, allows is to remove all your commentS. I won’t do that at this point. I just ask that you follow the rules for commenting.

  5. Beth Caughorn says:

    Now wait just a minute little missy, you have not only offended me but you insulted the only blog with truth and facts. I quit my subscription to the KNS as if printed only HALF of the story and only what the editor would allow.

    Craig Leuthold is a spineless little idiot that should be ran out Knoxville. He is a sorry excuse for an appointed official. The audit may have come back clean this time, and I repeat for you THIS TIME. He is not what we want here in Gettysview and I speak for the entire community. We vote and haven’t forgotten his back room deal. His Dad is just as crooked as he is as he not only accepted the appointment he backed the commission.

    Unlike the commentator which I would love to meet in person, I will not leave out anything.


    Beth Caughorn

  6. Donald Hamilton says:

    The absolute truth and then some. If you don’t like whats being said here, then lady quit supporting Steve Hunley’s hand picked candidates. I used to advertise in that paper until I seen what he was using the paper for. I have ran a business in North Knoxville for over 37 years, I know what it takes to be successful. I have seen Craig’s signs popping up everywhere and its a disgrace. We should have a true candidate and not have to pick the lesser of the evil.

    Brian, never met you, so I can’t say anything to the negative about you. The general public deserves to know how our government is being ran. If this type of behavior is what our elected officials are really like then Knoxville, get out and vote.