Knox County Budget. What Say You?

Mayor Burchett has presented another safe budget. Safe for himself, safe for Commissioners. Safe with no property tax increase. Check out the proposed budget here.

What say you?

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4 Responses

  1. Jeff Crippen says:

    I fully support Mayor Burchett and this budget. It’s such a nice change to have someone in office that does not rush out to raise my taxes at every opportunity. The school board and superintendent were clueless as usual. I don’t see how Ms. Carson, Ms. Fugate and Ms. Kincannon have been allowed to be on the school board this long, they have no regard for the taxpayers who have to pay for each year’s new budget increase. The school board and Dr. McIntyre get millions more each year, but its never enough for them. I can’t decide if they are truly that liberal in their views and thus out of the mainstream for a small southern community like Knox County or if they are just that out of touch with reality. Interesting to see that Mr. Hammond and Dr. Briggs, both of whom are seeking other officers, did not rush out to support a tax increase this year.

  2. Teacher says:

    As a teacher that has had talks with the Mayor as he comes to my school to eat with children at my school.

    Previous talks with him, he has criticized the budget request from schools because there wasn’t pay increases for the teachers.

    Now this year he doesn’t support the increase when pay increases were in the budget request.

    He is just another lying politican. He says or does whatever it takes to not do anything. I will continue to talk and be friendly to him, always knowing he is no different than all the other lying politicians.

  3. Deathstar1 says:

    I don’t understand why he goes around acting like he is so conservative. When he was against the James White Parkway and then he was for it. He was for the internet tax and then against it. He is a flip flopper, Brian, you need to research statements he has made like on JWP where it’s clear he has flip flopped, like a pair of dollar store flip flops.

    My other concern is all the social media pictures he takes with what appears to be a 12 year old girl. Why does he do that? It is disturbing.

  4. BHornback says:

    Clearly, Burchett could have done something in his 16 years in the legislature to get the James White Parkway approved. He could have supported an Elected Superintendent bill and a partisan school board bill in his 16 years in Nashville.

    As for the commenter about researching Burchett’s past quotes. Please realize I have another job. I currently have my priorities as Faith, Family, Business. My other business takes first in #3 and this is behind that. I will put that on my tasks to get to, but it could be a while. Good news are that quotes in paper, tv or radio stay forever.

    Keep commenting ya’ll