Why Is Briggs Have Fundraisers in Chattanooga? Has the Leuthold Effect Forced Him Out of Knox County?

I think when Dr. Briggs was asked about running for State Senate he missed the State part. In the Big Metal Shed on the Hill article about all his money over Campfield’s money it said that he was having fundraisers in Chattanooga and Nashville. It is understandable that the liberal trial lawyers and others in Nashville need to see the guy they are bank rolling. But what significance does Chattanooga have? Briggs Treasurer is Father to former failed Trustee candidate Craig Leuthold. Is it that Briggs has tapped all the Knox County dollars available?

The people of State Senator Stacey Campfield’s district are independent folk. Knowing that Nashvillians and Chattanoogans are attempting to select their next State Senator is not likely to be looked upon favorably.

Paid for by Stacey Campfield for Senate

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4 Responses

  1. Old Hickory says:

    I assumed Briggs and his progressive agenda were truly a Democrat mantra in a Repubican costume and most Democrats traditionally make that run to Chattanooga for the Democratic union money.

    If the electorate doesn’t like Leuthold, they’re not much going to like Briggs either.

  2. Mike Cohen says:

    Senator Campfield has held fundraisers in Nashville, including one last fall. Does your blog feel it is OK for Campfield to raise money there but not Briggs?

  3. BHornback says:

    Hey Mike! I wrote that I understood the fundraiser in Nashville! the biggest question was why Chattanooga? What is the significance of fundraising in ChattTown?

    • Mike Cohen says:

      The answer is fairly simple. Dr. Briggs has been a successful heart surgeon for many years and active in the associations for that practice. He was the chair of the Knox County Medial Association. So he has many doctor friends around the state who want to support him. By the way, his brother is also a doctor here in Knox County.