Congressman Duncan Endorsed by an Expert on the Constitution

Fox News contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano strongly endorsed the re-election of Congressman Jimmy Duncan during a Monday appearance on the Hallerin Hilton Hill Morning Show. Napolitano, who is widely considered to be one of the country’s premier experts on Constitutional Law and Public Policy, stated the following about our Congressman:

“I do know John Duncan. He is among the most steadfast defenders of constitutional government and personal liberty in all the Congress. And he does that, without fear or favor, and even while risking his political career. His votes against many of the things Obama wanted, and many of the things that George Bush wanted, were nothing short of the highest act of courage and most steadfast defense of the Constitution I have seen in the modern era.”

Napolitano told Hallerin that he got to know Duncan while regularly attending lunch meetings with some of the most conservative members of the House. He said he was originally invited to join the group by former Congressman Ron Paul, and more recently has been a guest of Rep. Justin Amash. Napolitano said the meetings allowed him to witness Duncan’s deep understanding of the founder’s intent and his strong desire to uphold and defend the Constitution.

This appearance will certainly be a blow to Congressman Duncan’s opponent, who has shown an affinity for finding quotes from the Founding Fathers on google and reposting them on social media in an effort to manipulate their words to fit his agenda.

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