Former Knoxvillian First in the US to Face Prosecution in Campaign Coordination

This Washington Post story details that a plea deal has been reached in what prosecutors hail as the “first criminal prosecution in the United States based upon the coordination of campaign contributions between political committees,”.  Back in his Knoxville days, Harber was a likable guy that got started managing campaigns back in 2004, when local lawyer Billy Stokes challenged Former State Senator Jamie Woodson. Woodson earned 12,658 votes to the 5,087 votes received by Stokes.

Harber has been in the District of Columbia since 2005 and having appeared on Fox News and other news programs as a guest commentator. Halls Shopper writer Betty Bean described Harber in 2009 as “Precocious dirty trickster Tyler Harber,” in this Metro Pulse story.

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