The 4 Examples of Knox County Property Assessor Errors Since 2008

The four examples that Andrew Graybeal cited today as errors on appraised properties during the administration of the current Assessor since 2008. All three candidates agree the task of correcting the errors is immense. Whitehead and Graybeal are confident they can and will correct the errors as Assessor. Current Chief Deputy Jim Weaver said he did not believe all errors can be corrected in a new term.
The official records reflected this homes value of $67,500.00 which listed the home with 3 bedrooms 1 bath an unfinished basement with 1260 square foot of living space. This home burned to the ground the winter of 2011.
When Graybeal provided these facts to a friendly staff member of the assessors office she politely said to me “I guess we just missed another one, it happens”.
The property assessor is paid over $11,000.00 per month and a car allowance and benefits.
The official records of the assessors office reflect an assessed value of $47,600.00, more than $25,000.00 than it should be. I was not able to speak with the homeowner for their opinion.

The records of the office reflect an assessed value of $111,600.00 for this home. After speaking with the home owner he agreed that the value was less than half this figure. Graybeal says that he is inclined to agree.


The official records of the assessors office provide an assessed value of this home of $55,600.00. No one is obviously residing at this property but continue to keep the taxes paid.

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3 Responses

  1. Elmer Henderlight says:

    How much money is the Butter and Egg Man being paid???????? Tell me this number is wrong please. Ronnie Milsaps could do a better job than this and provide us with musical entertainment. This ass clown pervert shuffles to work and can’t possibly do anything productive. Now Ballard 2.0, I personally blame you for not stepping up and saying something to the State of Tennessee. Silence is a damn submission to guilt, and you want hard working people to vote and support you, and allow you to continue this legacy? Horse shit!

    The top 5 paid employees should work for free until this term ends for all the money people have overpaid for property tax! At least one of 2.0 admits the records are in shambles, I will give you credit for that one. Thats about all I will give you credit for.

    Good grief sister Agnes I thought I could put my blow torch away for the “Merry Christmas holiday”, yes I said Merry Christmas… for you that are offended kiss my entire wrinkled old ass! Hell there isn’t enough propane to keep it burning as long as it will take to fire up on this fiasco.

    Whitehead you put the Butter and Egg Man in this office so don’t think your not off the hook too, the difference is he used you and then fired your ass. When are you people gonna learn your lesson?

    A car allowance what the hell is this for? He can’t afford to come to work on that salary? Horse shit! This same shit happened in Roane County and the State took the office over, its too many years late for them to step in on this office! Pick up the phone Ms. Otis, put down that glass and call in the calvary to save the SS Ballard from further shame. I promise you can fill up the glass and get sloshed on that big pay day your drawing.

    Im not finished yet its time to go to the doctor, my blood pressure is thru the damn roof!

  2. Don Franks says:

    As a former employee at another assessor’s office this would not be acceptable. We operated on a three strikes and your out. I retired with honors and dignity, this is pathetic. This is just laziness of the elected official, and lack of training. I know those guys well and Phil started the training on level one and once certified he let them go for a better change of words. Our office ended up hiring one and turned out to be one of the best employees, and still there. This isn’t hard work if you can use a tape and know angles, recheck the right parcel number with the data thats already there its a simple however a time consuming task. Seeing this sloppy work is the result of the assessor. It takes an admission that your have errors and notify the state. To admit your wrong is simply the first step, correcting the issues is the easiest thing, get those people out in the field and verify the numbers. We didn’t have the technology when I first started but we knew our errors would be discovered. I know Jim and John and prefer to keep my personal opinions to myself. I don’t know Graybeal, never met him, but if someone outside is finding these types of errors its not long before the state steps in. Clean it up boys.

  3. BHornback says:

    Actually Elmer in 2008, Mr. Whitehead supported Ballard’s Republican opponent and Mr. Whitehead was Ballard’s 2012 opponent.