Charter Amendment #4 = Elected School Superintendent

For the past several years the topic of an elected School Superintendent has been a HOT topic. Karen Carson, a 2004 school board candidate said that the public wants appointed Superintendents. A certain school board member (not Carson) was exposed in May here for scaring and distributing misinformation about the bill that narrowly lost this past year. It took Boss Hogg and Joe Armstrong to delay the bill for a day or two to kill it.

This next year Boss Hogg will be sitting in a seat on the floor and Joe Armstrong will be less than forceful. When the Republicans take the House with a NEW Speaker of the House and the Senate with a responsible Lt. Governor an elected Superintendent bill will come out of committee. It will make it to the House and Senate floor and it will pass. It will then come back to Knox County and again 72.49% of the people will give us an elected Superintendent.

It will NOT matter what the State PTA says about the matter. It will be what the people say, after all let the people vote. Brian’s Blog is currently investigating the State, and Knox County PTA for possible by-law violations. As an organization they are to remain non-partisan and the issue of an elected Superintendent is a Democrat -v- Republican issue and could jeopardize their state and county charters.

While I have disagreed with my friend Georgiana Vines at the News Sentinel from time to time. Yesterday, she recognized and reported the facts. Here is her report. Here specifically is what she said. “Citizens Committed to Save Our Right to Vote, which opposed both amendments, appealed to those who feel strongly that voters’ rights should not decrease. Many in this group would continue having the school superintendent elected rather than appointed by the school board as mandated by state law.”

That is a lot of good news from the effects of the NEW Republican control of Tennessee.

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3 Responses

  1. Let The People Vote says:

    The results of Charter Amendment #4 is

    27.51% For or 44,963 votes
    72.49% Against or 118,481 votes

    That is a MANDATE to Elect the Superintendent of Schools and EVERY position of authority.

  2. Anonymous says:

    According to Laurens Tullock the Jordan ruling means we can thumb our nose at the state.

    Let’s get a Charter Amendment petition today for an elected school board superintendent.

    Thanks buddy, you saved the day. People will remember you did this. Say hi to Big Jim when he calls you in to fire your dumb ass. Thanks for Jordan, we couldn’t have done it without you.

    let’s get busy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “As an organization they are to remain non-partisan…”

    For your education 501(c)3 non-partisan means not endorsing any candidate in a political race

    Not being mute on issues just because political parties have differing opinions

    If that’s the case, it would be difficult to be an “advocate” organization if the organization has to determine if political parties have differing opinions. Egads!