Knoxville Violated it’s Own Ordinance Last Night

Last night, I posted this story about a City of Knoxville Public Service crew pulling up every political sign on Northshore Drive.

The City of Knoxville Ordinance can be found here and here is the applicable language

City of Knoxville Code 13.3 Signs Exempt from Sign Regulations

Temporary signs for political purposes; provided that each sign cannot exceed 32 square feet in area, cannot be displayed for more than 30 days prior to 2/3 the start of the earliest voting period for the candidate or issue, and must be removed within five days following the end of the final voting period for the candidate or issue.

Yesterday my source told the two city employees that political signs are exempted but the city employees said otherwise. The city employee said that Northshore was just the first street they were clearing.




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1 Response

  1. Jeffrey Ownby says:

    The City did that 4 years ago also. I went round and round with them over the ordinance.