The Republican label is one of those people wanna throw..

After the City of Knoxville August 2019 Primary Election, Mayoral candidate Eddie Mannis sat down with Evan Mayes of the Daily Beacon for an extensive sit down interview. You can watch the entire 23 minute video interview, here.

There is a brief 30 seconds excerpt (below) where Mannis talks about his voting record of/for Democrats and how he helped elect Knoxville’s first Democrat Woman as Mayor of Knoxville and served as her Treasurer. Of course he is referring to Madeline Rogero. Of course since the November 2019 election, it could be said that as a failed Mayoral candidate Mannis helped elect the second Democrat woman as Mayor, Indya Kincannon. But, the facts are, she out worked, out earned the position of Mayor, Indya became Mayor the old fashioned way, she earned it. The only area where Mannis out performed Kincannon on was spending cash, primarily other peoples cash.

Now, Mannis is challenging another lady, Realtor, Knox County Community Activist and Republican Gina Oster for the Republican nomination for TN State Representative District 18 on August 6, 2020. Early Voting July 17 – August 1.

It should be noted that since November 2019, Mannis in late February 2020 he cast an Early Vote in the DEMOCRAT Presidential Primary March 3, 2020. Was it Bernie or Biden?





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  1. John R says:

    Knox Conservatives should contribute to Gina Oster and Elaine Davis. So should the Knox GOP. So should Knox Independents.