It Seems that the Leuthold Appointment Was a Done Deal, Days Before Purple Monday

While not a big fan of the local liberal log playground. Occasionally, a blind squirrel will find a nut. This posting about Shouse withdrawing and Leuthold being appointed has generated a few comments. However, it seems that one of their regular commenters was in a local sporting goods store and was told a few days ago, it was a done deal. The commenter is not a fan of mine and he and I approach situations and issues differently. But his credibility is good and there is no reason for him to fabricate this story. Let’s see if any investigative folk like Jamie Satterfield or Mike Donila look into this side of the story.


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1 Response

  1. elmer henderlight says:

    Hear ye…. Hear ye… There is an opening in the Assessors office this morning get out your pad and pencil and take notes on the the job requirements. Needed one dumb ass that appreciated the aroma of moth balls and loose fitting dentures. Must be able to smoose old lady’s and enjoy the smell of Avon perfume. Job pays $50,000 a year and must be filled yesterday. There are prearranged dates at the O’Conner Senior Center, must be able to perform the Charleston and the Foxtrott. The job comes with a company car and a gas card ( only of the bill has been paid). Hurry up the applicants are lined out the front door to see the butter and egg man. Shinny up the Buick, wash and grease up your hair, find your best leisure suit and slap on some Old Spice.

    Oh Brother when are people gonna listen to Old Elmer? I have told you I’ve been around long enough to know how the Fart Smellers, I mean Commissioners think. They buzz like bees to a hive. These idiots can’t keep a secret, its written all over their faces when they walk thru the front door.

    For those who would like to know the predictions for the Trustee’s and Property Assessors office read these words carefully.

    1. Musical chairs for some employees of the trustees office, there will be a select few leave and go downstairs for their old jobs.
    2. The old butter and egg man has found a way to wind the clock for some more county tit time, he will announce he will run for Trustee as the Idiots, Oh I’m sorry the Huddle Hunley Crew want him to run for trustee. He will abandon ship just like the Commission Seat, the Commissioners will once again cut a deal to put some dumbass in for the remainder of the time to be the caretaker of the politicians childrens day care center. Craig will be the Chief Deputy to the Butter and Egg Man. The ballad of the Hank Snows song Moving On will be the theme song for the campaign.

    I am going to eat mexican today as all this truth has by bowels bound up. Wake up people your being raped right before your eyes. These are the most talented individuals that I have ever known, they have one unique characteristic…