Dr. Buchanan Stands With and Support Steffy‘s Disrespecting of Her Boss

So, the KCHD didn’t allow me into the Zoom Media briefing, I asked what other media entities, except me, were not permitted today. The answer

We are not experts in Zoom but, it appears to be an IT issue with Zoom. The link to the media briefing is the same as what you have used in the past. Every media member who was in the ‘waiting room’ for today’s media briefing was granted access; your account never appeared in the waiting room. We regret that you weren’t able to get in to today’s media briefing, but we are happy to answer your questions below.

But apparently they do not want to answer my questions in a live stream forum. I have asked Knox County IT to resolve.

The next remaining questions involve the task force member Ryan Steffy that disrespected Buchanan’s boss Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs, his staff and Governor Bill Lee

I asked for a statement from Buchanan on the email from Task Force Member RYan Steffy directed to the Mayor, Governor, Mayors Staff and Mike Donila!

Mr. Steffy is a public citizen and, as so, has the right to express his opinions.“ 

Buchanan maybe right BUT he was speaking in his capacity as a task force member about the operation of the task force.

Will she remove Steffy from the task force?

“I don’t think it’s appropriate to remove a task force member for exercising freedom of speech.”

Again he was speaking to the task force.  I will be asking each task force member if they support Steffy and his remarks toward Jacobs, his office and Donila.

I asked does Buchanan believe Steffy reflects the city that he is appointed to serve?

Mr. Steffy represents himself, as a resident  and business owner

A photo I believe to be RYan Steffy of So Kno Taco

A photo I believe to be RYan Steffy of So Kno Taco

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6 Responses

  1. John R says:

    When will Mayor Jacobs act and remove Buchanan?

  2. Donnie M. says:

    The title of the article does not reflect the content of the article. “Dr. Buchanan Stands With and Support Steffy‘s Disrespecting of Her Boss”, She didn’t endorse or condemn what he said. If you are inferring not disowning his comments as support that is putting words into her mouth. I don’t think Mr. Steffy is a good representative of the restaurant industry in general, especially with the lack of tact in communicating with elected officials. Using coarse language rather than facts to reinforce his arguments shows a lack of substance to what he says. The good thing the task force did was survey businesses for what they saw on the front lines.

    • BHornback says:

      Hey Thanks for comparing and contrasting my headline and article. This is a citizen op-ed (opinion-editorial) blog. So yes, I think she disavow what he wrote. By her support of his free speech as he made it about the task force could cut as a badly of individuals on the Mayors staff were to exercise their free speech about Doc. Buchanan

  3. Randy Pace says:

    Under no circumstance should the individual who penned the response to emails regarding the public’s right to know, in that manner be allowed to provide any advice or input to anything related to the public, let alone the public health. Dr. Buchanan and Mayor Kincannon should be held personally responsible for this guys comments and involvement. Unless and until this individual is removed from serving in any capacity as it relates to the public interest, we the people should expect that Buchanan be suspended or replaced. Judgment during a crisis with as great of an impact as we have experienced over the last several weeks should not be left to the ineptitude of the likes of Martha Buchanan. Decision making of this kind should be based on Science and facts not opinion.

  4. Jeff Houser says:

    What is Ryan Steffy’s health care training? He opened his mouth critical of anyone questioning what they’re doing because we were not trained. Obviously he is not trained in public policy.