TN State House District 18….Oddities

The TN State House District 18 was represented from 2005-2010 by State Senator Stacey Campfield, he was elected to the house in 2004. Campfield was elected to the State Senate and served 2010-2014.

In 2008, Campfield proposed a bill to ban teachers from teaching as part of the lesson plan about homosexuality in Tennessee’s public elementary and middle schools, saying that the topic should only be discussed by each student’s family.

And now in 2020, the district has an openly gay candidate for the Republican side of the ballot, challenging Virginia Couch an Attorney with The Trust Company.

I am not a property owner, resident and voter in TN House District 18 and have never been. I have no issue with choices of sexual orientation. I just find the political social issue change interesting.


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1 Response

  1. Deb Cataline says:

    I AM in District 18. Mannis… isn’t he the one who basically said screw you when I was talking to him as a Constituent and my VALID issues? Yea….I think he was! Lol And I have it via an email….in writing! Good luck Mannis. 😂