An Open Appeal to Sheriff Spanky Spangler

Since this post appeared on my site last night. I have received a lot of positive comments. The post was referenced and linked in the November 17th Compass email. The text and comments I have received are calling for me to continue following this issue.

Knox Sheriff Spanky Spangler's outside legal counsel at last weeks 11/8/2021 Commission Work Session

Knox Sheriff Spanky Spangler’s outside legal counsel at last weeks 11/8/2021 Commission Work Session

Since that post, I have reported here that Knox County Law Director David Buuck has rescinded and has requested that Knox County Commission pull any consideration of his ordinance.

David Buuck

David Buuck

In looking at this issue closer and in my previous post I reported  that the Knox County Law Director has ten attorneys on staff and Knox County Sheriff Spanky Spangler has three attorneys on his staff. These 13 attorneys have a combined salary and benefits package of $2,000,000. In total they would be one of the largest law firms in the region when compared to the private sector.

This makes one wonder why Sheriff Spangler needs an outside attorney already eating up $125,000 in taxpayer money when $2,000,000 of taxpayer funded attorneys are already at the ready in the City County Building.

Obviously Gary Prince is attacking the Knox County Merit System/Council for Knox Sheriffs Employees from the outside and now Law Director David Buuck has attacked it from the inside. A double shot all funded by the taxpayers.

Knox County Sheriff Tom Spangler

Knox County Sheriff Tom Spangler

Sheriff Spangler please give the Knox County taxpayers an early Christmas present and cut off this running clock of outside counsel,

I think, NO, I know the Sheriffs employees and the taxpayers rather this money be spent on deputy pay.

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