Chairman Herrera’s Plans for 2023 Revealed

Tomorrow Knox County Republican Party Chairman Daniel Herrera will announce that he will not seek the position of Chairman in 2023. 

While as Chairman, Herrera has built and is building a successful law firm. He has gotten married to his wife. He has led the organization through two successful Lincoln Day Dinners, raising more money than has been raised in previous years. 

As Chairman, Herrera worked with TN Republican Party in moving Knox County School Board to partisan elections. The Knox County Republican Party has fielded candidates in many contested elections, partisan and non partisan. 

While Herrera will not be Chairman, he will continue to be engaged in Party functions and will become the Immediate Past Chairman within the Knox County Republican Party Executive Committee. 

Several names have surfaced as possible candidates at the February 18, 2023 Party Reorganization to be held at Crowne College of the Bible. Former Chairmen Buddy Burkhardt, R. Larry Smith. Knox County Republican Party Treasurer Janis Crye. Former State Representative Bill Dunn. Knox County Republican Party Secretary Rob Gray. The one name that will NOT be a candidate is former Chairman Brian Hornback, just saying 

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