Merit System Board of Directors Uphold Sheriff on March 1 Grievance Hearing

I am relying on the account of an observer to the Merit System Board of Directors Grievance Hearing for Westley Keck that was held today, I will watch the video when it posts. You can watch the hearing (as I will) here.

First only 6 of the 7 Board of Directors attended, Clarence Vaughan was not available. It defeats the purpose to have 7 Directors when only 6 attend, in my humble opinion.

A motion was made to uphold the Sheriff in terminating Keck before testimony from the law enforcement officer that handled the “domestic” investigation. Fortunately, the Board did hear testimony from the investigating officer before rubber stamping a motion to a decison. Before they broke for lunch, the Board deadlocked on a 3 to 3 vote. After lunch the sole female Board of Director changed her vote and the vote was 4-3 to uphold the Sheriff’s decision.

Keck was terminated due to an alleged “domestic” situation, ultimately the District Attorney failed to prosecute Keck was Keck was unable to face his accuser, in an unbiased court of law.

So, to this Board of Directors seems to me (in my humble opinion) that Keck was guilty and was unable to prove his innocence.

Oh well. Carry On….Nothing to see here.

Knoxville Attorney Travis Brasfield representing Keck at the podium, Knox County Law Department Attorney Houston Havasay waiting at the January 2023 meeting

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