Knoxville Elected Mostly a Partisan Slate of Democrats…

The Knox County Democrat Party said they were not active in the City of Knoxville elections. The best friend of KnoxDems Chair Matt Shears and a current TNDP Committeeman made quite a bank of money working for two candidates. Then there was how the KnoxDems treated persons that bought tickets to their Truman Day Dinner a couple weeks ago. Below is a social media post last night of the election.

As long as candidates pay thousands of dollars to the friend of the Knox Dems Chair it must be ok.

How did the candidates that had ads on #TheMegaBullhornofTruth do?

In the Primary, City Councilwoman Lynne Fugate won, City Councilwoman Amelia Parker and her opponent Tim Hill won, eliminated in their race was Democrat Matthew Best. Knoxville Municipal Judge John Rosson won.

In the General Knoxville Municipal Judge John Rosson and Council candidate R Bentley Marlow were unsuccessful. City Councilwoman Amelia Parker was successful. Now, the Democrats will try and stake a claim in Parker, but she is the City Council Movement Councilwoman. The Dems jumped on Parker after Best lost in the Primary. Parker was clever to want and need every vote she could earn and she earned them everywhere she could get one.

In a second term on Council, Parker will still be Parker, she will answer to her constituents and herself. She will still ask her questions, Council meetings will still take longer than any Council member or member of the Administration wants them to last. In my opinion, every legislative body needs someone who will ask questions and slow the roll.

What I am waiting to see is how Debbie Helsley operates as a Councilmember. During, the primary campaign I am told that she said at an East Knoxville candidate forum, she didn’t know what a Councilperson did and hadn’t looked at the budget. During the last candidate forum I witnessed that she was texting with her campaign manager. She was trying to engage in conversation with Councilwoman Fugate, clearly Helsley was not engaged in the forum and she was AWOL (absent without leave) from events that nearly every candidate attended. Helsley will be a safe vote for the administration. But there is still Parker to ask questions and slow the roll. It is how a representative republic is suppose to operate.

At the end of all this, it is all not just good, but better blog material. Let’s Carry On Folks!

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