the Pole Exposition at the Knox County Commission Came up Short, Only the Resolution NOT the Ordinance Passed!

at large Seat 10 with his Mayoral campaign on poles, specifically utility poles came up short. The Commission only accepted the Resolution, rejecting the proposed Ordinance. Resolutions are worth the the value of the printer paper that it is printed on.

Ordinances are the enforcements that are law. On the ordinance it was voted down with only Seat 10, Commissioner litter and Commissioner Kyle Ward voting YES. Commission Chair Terry Hill, Commissioners Dr. Dasha Lundy, Gina Oster, John Schoonmaker, Rhonda Lee voting NO. Commissioners Richie Beeler and Kim Frazier passed and Commissioner Courtney Durrett abstained due to her day job being a potential conflict.

The previous postings on this issue from #TheMegaBullhornofTruth are here, here and here. I am sure that I will be blamed for the Ordinance going down in flames….. That is okay, I do not text Commissioners telling them how to vote either because I want them to vote my way or because I have been told to do so as an intermediary by someone or by an entity opposing it.

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