Fountain City Republican Club

This evening 2/7/2005 I attended the Fountain City Republican Club. They meet at Ramseys Restaurant on Central Avenue Pike. This evening the new officers were installed by County Commissioner Mary Lou Horner, County Commission Chairman Scott Moore and County Commissioner Ivan Harmon were present.

The new officers of the Fountain City Club are Donnie Ellis, President; Bobby Waggoner, Vice-President; Kim Isenberg, Secretary and David Ramey, Treasurer.

Haywood Harris and Gus Manning of University of Tennessee fame were the featured speakers. They told stories of the 5 National Championships football teams of the University of Tennessee. They have written a book that has been published by UT Press that details these 5 teams.

Cynthia Chapman and Tim Irwin both candidates for Knox County Juvenile Judge were present. Both introduced themselves to the club. Judge Carey Garrett the current Knox County Juvenile Judge has indicated that he will step down from the bench in 2006.

I enjoyed speaking with each person in attendance and talking about the campaign to be the next Knox County GOP Chairman. Irene McCrary the 1st Vice Chair candidate was in attendance and was warmly received. Preserving OUR party, Building OUR future.

Stay Tuned

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  1. Cobby says:

    Brian Hornback is only concerned with getting “his own” party back in power. He does not stop to question their values or motivations. Although he’ll say that he is in favor of the First Amendment, when he comes across a comment he doesn’t like, he deletes it.

    Also, he gets his political information from the Weekly World News.