The Deathstar Job Shuffle Continues!

Sources in the Deathstar say that Property Assessor Phil Ballard and Knox County Trustee John Duncan are playing musical job chair again. It seems that Former Mayor Mike Ragsdale Administrative Assistant Judy Parker who went to work with Phil Ballard a few years ago is now moving to Trustee Duncan’s Cedar Bluff office. Calls to Craig Leuthold, Public Information Director for Property Assessor Phil Ballard and Josh Burnett, Chief of Staff for Trustee Duncan have not been returned. Stay tuned.

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2 Responses

  1. Keeping Them Honest says:

    Where is the Trustee getting the money to hire all these people…Van Gilder,Parker,etc….You would think after the “Bogus Bonus Blunder” he would go low profile and stop hiring…well it is only money….our money!

  2. Keeping Them Honest says:

    Oh…I forgot…when the bonus money is retirned..The Trustee will have $40,000 back in his budget…so he can just hire somebody!