Trustee Duncan Attorney is Craving Attention

Larry Van Guilder soon to be former Scripps “Slopper News” writer will become an accountant and public relations employee of Trustee John Duncan. But evidently, until LVG is on the delinquent attorney, (oh wait the delinquent tax attorney) is spinning for the office. This morning on the local liberal blog, he posted this. He must have gotten his headline writing skills out at the “Slopper News”. The Trustee is the County Trustee but the headline reads City and County Trustee as in two people. LVG will probably call as soon as this post goes up and will have him correct it.

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3 Responses

  1. Keeping Them Honest says:

    Mr. Tindell needs to work on his internal position with the County Trustee to save Knox Taxpayer dollars…insiders say he was a ringleader in the “Bogus Bonus' scandal of Trustee Duncan..As an attorney does he believe simply paying back the “illegally” gained money ends this issue? Didn't Tindell get $6000 total unearned bonus…perhaps he should bone-up on criminal law instead of tax law!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wonder if the blogging attorney on the taxpayers dime has repaid the boss the necessary $6,000? I don't trust the county trustee one bit to recoup that money, however, I do expect the county commission to look for the checks and the amended W-2 forms which would need to be submitted this month. In my opinion, if you can't trust the trustee regarding payemnts to his own office, how on earth can you trust him with the necessary payments and management of the funds on the big stuff.

    Clean house, get rid of them all.

  3. Bacon Man says:

    General consensus up and down Main Street is that there are several other shoes to drop as it pertains to the current Trustee and they will all involve money.
    Uber leader of the future has left himself wide open to the left and the right and most current office holders are struggling to keep their mouths shut in connection with the inexperience and the juvenile attitude shown the by Trustee. Divorce is final, the one term reality has set it.