The Picture of Hypocrite

Thanks to a Shopper News Employee capturing this photograph and then publishing it in tomorrow’s Shopper News. We can report that when the picture edition of online dictionary is released, this is the photograph of Hypocrite. Let’s review as former Knox County GOP Chairman from back in the forever years ago, he publicly endorsed a DEMOCRAT over the Republican nominee for Chancellor of Knox County in 1998. Before that he moved to Nashville to be the lap dog and top advisor to State Income Tax Proposing Governor Don Sundquist. Last year, he was quoted in this News Sentinel story for Shock And Awe being an independent reporting blog. He was quoted as saying about me and Shock And Awe “speaks for itself. You don’t want somebody that generates controversy on every issue.”

His record of being a State Income Tax Proposer, an endorser of a Democrat for Chancellor, an endorser of an extremist candidate for Mayor over a loyal Conservative Republican Mayoral candidate in Ivan Harmon. Being the candidate that unleashed the sewer political campaign of the last two decades on the most effective, Conservative Senator in our State’s history in Jamie Woodson is not the generator of controversy on every issue? Right!

I have NEVER endorsed a Democrat over a Republican. Now, he has joined the ranks of supporting ultra extreme liberal Madeline Rogero. Hopefully, Rogero will embrace him, because when Senator Jamie Woodson first ran for the State Senate, he challenged her in the Republican Primary. he garnered a whopping 25% of the vote. At least when he criticized me. I spent ZERO dollars and received 38% of the vote. While his guy spent over $15,000 to win by his winning percentage.

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are not a true Republican and support Madeline Rogero. Ivan Harmon is the only one to support if you are a true Republican and love this City.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Billy is and has always been a polecat.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Stokes is a joke. He supports whoever greases his slimy smelly palm.