A Revealing Day or Two for Commissioner Broyles!

Yesterday had to be a bad day in the world of Commissioner Amy Broyles.
Sunday evening I pointed out here that for her entire career she has had campaign finance and/or disclosure issues.

Then yesterday, Eleanor Beck and Mike Donila reported over at Straight from the Heart (WBIR) about some research Donila has been performing on checking attendance records of County Commission, School Board and City Council. County Commission average is 10.5% missed, School Board average is 4.5% and Knoxville City Council is 2.2%. Read the attendance story, here. Commissioner Amy Broyles has missed 30% of the Commission meetings. Broyles serves on the Knox County Audit Committee and was one of the Commissioners that determined that Auditor Richard Walls should be terminated. Broyles herself has reportedly missed 40% of the audit committee meetings. How could she vote to terminate Walls when she is sporadic at audit committee attendance? Read Donila’s report on Broyles here.

On July 25, 2011 I was worried about Commissioner Broyles and asked the question, “What happened to Commissioner Amy?” here.

On June 26, 2011, I posted the total compensation of the Knox County Commissioners here. Broyles in 2011 had a total compensation package paid for by the taxpayers of almost $40,000. In the past year and a half, I am sure the total package has increased.

Back in 2009, I posted the salaries of Knox County elected officials here. Granted in 4 years information is old and the salaries are probably higher.

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