Knoxville Mayoral Candidates on Hilltop/Ridgetop Development Plan

Here is the audio recording of the City of Knoxville Mayoral Candidates responding to a question about the Hilltop/Ridgetop Development Plan. Interesting to note, that it appears Joe Hultquist has changed his position on the plan that he co-authored with County Commissioner Tony Norman and some MPC staff members. The first voice you hear is Bo Williams with WATE TV 6 News. The second voice and he identifies himself is Knoxville businessman and entrepreneur Scott Smith. The order of the Mayoral candidates answering the question are First is Bo Bennett; Second is Ivan Harmon; Third is Joe Hultquist; Fourth is Mark Padgett and last is Madeline Rogero. So here it is. Something that the opponents of HRDP believe the Sentinel, Metro Pulse folks don’t want you to hear.

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    That sounds like the same old Joe to me. What's different?

  2. spinetingler says:

    Those evil censors, hiding the truth by publishing it on their worldwide-accessible website. Nefarious, they are.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Big change of mind from Joe. But the reason the papers didn't print the story was Rogero. She was the only candidate who stills supports the original Hillside plan. That is why Padgett has raised so much money. Landowners and developers can't afford Rogero. She is bad for business. West Knoxville doesn't want Rogero. Wait until the Cesar Chavez past of Rogero is found out. Who wants a union organizer as Mayor?