Emert Gets Bad Start Out of the Gate

Tuesday over on KnoxViews Randy posted this about Jason Emert’s press release announcement hat he would be a candidate for TN House of Representatives in the district position currently held by Liberal Gloria Johnson. Immediately, the Big Metal Shed on the Hill discovered a discrepancy (in the first sentence of the press release) and Emert asked for a correction to his press release where it falsely claimed he is a Knoxville Attorney. In reality Emert is a law school graduate from the University of Miami.

Also, in his initial press release Emert boasted that he has $100,000 in pledged campaign donations. There is a little problem with that statement by Emert. State election officials have always advised that you can not ask for donations, accept donations until you appoint a Treasurer. A form that Emert has not filed with the election commission yet.

In today’s Big Metal Shed on the Hill there is another story about Emert and his lack of a Treasurer appointment. He believes he isn’t in violation, however, I suspect the Tennessee Registry of Campaign Finance will handle this situation. Although, they have a tendency NOT to force a fine. Knox County Commissioner Amy Broyles and Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett have appeared twice and the stiff fines haven’t been levied.

Also, in today’s Big Metal Shed on the Hill, Emert violates Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment, “Do Not Speak Ill of Another Republican”
He took jabs at Gary Loe, the former Republican candidate against Gloria Johnson. In fact as he takes jabs at Loe. He is slapping Former TN Republican Chair Bob Davis, TN House Speaker Beth Harwell, TN Governor Bill Haslam, TN Republican Party Chairman Chris Devaney and the TN Republican Parties campaign strategy to elect Loe.

I have not met Emert and realize he may not be the guy that he has portrayed himself as. But it seems in one week, he has shot himself more times in the foot than Barney Fife has shot into the ceiling.


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  1. FakeGOPchair says:

    Bless his little heart he forgot he didn’t pass the bar that is exactly why I approved his canadacy