Where Does a Homeless Man Take $200,000?

A homeless man is walking through fourth and gill. It was reported that he was under the influence and calls were received by local law enforcement that he was being disorderly, approaching back porches and possibly making offensive gestures.

The apprehension and arrest get out of hand and the City of Knoxville terminate 3 officers before the 3 are charged with any crime or violation. Then because it is the city taxpayers money (thankfully I am not a city property tax payer) the city pays him $200,000.

Where does a homeless man take $200,000 and how long does it last?

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3 Responses

  1. hotelman says:

    only about $130,000.00 after the attorney gets his third.

  2. kelly says:

    Are you trying to insinuate that he doesn’t deserve the money? How about re-writing it to say…..Homeless man walking down the road in a slum neighborhood that some hippies are trying to revamp. Get’s harassed by law enforcement for WALKING DOWN THE ROAD. Two female officers have the situation under control, but then 3 over bearing idiots show up to flex their might in front of the female officers. And all he got for his ass kicking was 200k of insurance money that, by the way, didn’t come from city tax payers.

  3. BHornback says:

    No Kelly I am not about rewriting the story. It seems that you have sufficiently accomplished that yourself.