It is Political Time in Republican Knox County! It’s Getting Hot Around Here!

Thursday the Center City Republican Conservatives Club met at their normal location of the back meeting room of Shoney’s on Western Avenue.

There were 11 people that were either club officers or regular club members and 20 candidates or Knox County Past and Current Republican Party Officials.


The candidates and the positions present were.

Knox County School Board
Patti Bounds, Seventh District Candidate
Sally Absher, Fourth District Candidate

Knox County Commission
Bo Bennett, Seventh District Candidate
Michelle Carringer, Commissioner At Large Candidate
Dave Wright, Knox County Commissioner Eighth District

TN House of Representatives
State Representative Steve Hall of District 18
State Representative Roger Kane of District 89
Jason ‘The Giant Slayer’ Emert, State Rep Candidate

Knox County Trustee
Barry Hawkins, Candidate
Ed Shouse, Candidate
Craig Leuthold, Candidate and County Commission Appointed Interim

Knox County Criminal Court Judge
Scott Green, Candidate

Knox County Circuit Court Judge Div. I
Kristi Davis, Candidate
Ray H. Jenkins, Candidate
Billy Stokes, Candidate

Knox County Fourth Circuit Court Judge
Gregg Mcmillan, Candidate
Patti J Lay, Candidate

Knox County Criminal Court Clerk
Steve Williams, Candidate

Current Knox County Republican Party Leadership
Buddy Burkhardt, Current First Vice Chair
Ruth Kuhlman, Current Chair

Former Knox County Republican Party Leadership
Irene McCrary, Former Knox County Republican Party Chair 2007-2009
Brian Hornback, Former Knox County Republican Party Chair 2005-2007

There will be more stories to report from this meeting.


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