The Real Story Behind Blount County’s Kenlyn Foster’s Democrat Ways

This article from the Maryville Daily Times details an APRIL 21, 2014 letter that Mrs. Peggy Lambert sent endorsing Juvenile Court Judge Candidate Jim Snyder, Jr. The Daily Times mis dated the letter for March 21, 2014.

Everyone talked about Foster’s Democrat voting record behind the scenes. It wasn’t until Foster put out a mailer. The mailer under conservative values, listed lifelong Republican. Then and only then did Mrs. Lambert feel the need to correct a blatantly false statement. As Mrs. Lambert identifies, Ms. Foster has a 50% Democrat voting record, has limited experience, except for her five years out of law school as a litigator, trial court assistant and Prosecutor in Blount County DA’s office.

Of course, as most Democrats do, they say it is about the kids, the court, ya da ya da ya da. Mrs. Lambert is too much of a lady to say it, so I will. Foster lied in her mailer about her political experience as a voter. Is that what you want as a Blount County Juvenile Judge? Is that what we teach our children?

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