A Lawyer Once Served as Criminal Court Clerk

A certain Criminal Defense Attorney that is most colorful and stands out in the three ring circus that is a criminal court room has taken to Facebook during this election cycle advocating that the next Criminal Court Clerk be a lawyer. It isn’t the seasoned Attorney Steve Williams that he advocates for. He is a supporter of the young amiable Jason Hunnicutt. His arguments are almost as if County Commissioner and Radio Executive Mike Hammond were going to be the next Joy. Well, I feel that I know Hammond as he has been MY County Commissioner from 2004-2010 and the at large Commissioner from 2010-2014. I knew him from his days at Dick Broadcasting and I know he can run a simple fee office. Steve Williams is also capable of running the office.

I would like to remind all those who are not decided on this race. The Criminal Division of General Sessions Court Clerk was once served by an Attorney Clerk. Cathy Quist after being elected in 1998 had the Criminal division. She and Criminal Court Clerk Martha Phillips made the change that Ms. Phillips (the REAL Criminal Court Clerk) took over the Criminal Division of General Sessions Court Clerk.

Been there, done that.

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1 Response

  1. Elmer Henderlight says:

    Ding ding ding someone finally rang the bell!!! Scott Jones are ya listening to this? Let me say it loud and clear for those who are just tuning in… Cathy Quist a very intelligent attorney had this office and was smart enough to say, nope Old Martha you can have it and the headache that comes with it. She never looked back. There was an intelligent reason an attorney didn’t want this office, it is a business with absolutely no legal decisions necessary to run this office. It takes someone with damn sense and the no how to run it professionally.

    If your running for this office and can’t pay your own bills for whatever reason you have no business running for criminal court clerk. If your lacking before you get there then your loosing. Too much money outstanding that old washed up Joy refused to collect. It’s impossible to collect when your on a cruise with Edna from the register of deeds office. Back surgery my old wrinkled ass, gambling, and pilled up is putting it mildly.

    As the night before the election someone finally got it right. No more Joy means Say NO to Jason… Period!!!