Wait! When Did Burchett’s Fiancée Become a Mother of 3?

May 8, 2013, Metro Pulse published this big piece on Knox County Mayor Timothy Floyd Burchett. In the piece they reveal that in Fall of 2012, he met a recently transplanted, widow of one. But in this post by Mike Donila she is a mother of three? Granted Metro Pulse could have heard the Mayor wrong or maybe an episode of Maury may have revealed it. What did Timmy know and when did he know it?


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4 Responses

  1. Deathstar6east says:

    Maybe this will be like James White Parkway, he will say he said it different, but wait, you have the link to the story and the picture of the information. So, now he will just throw. Cari Gervin under the bus as getting it wrong. Cause Timmy is delusional.

    By the way, Brian have you thought about how Jesse Jackson, Jr has gone to prison for using campaign funds for personal expenditures and Timmy mishandled funds before he ever married Allison and then after he married Allison. maybe the new wifey will get framed for more personal expenses with campaign funds. Cause surely Timmy wouldn’t like rooming in a cell with bubba

  2. Knoxcountyreject says:

    BirdSh!+ would not make it 2 min in prison. At least Jackson admitted to what he did Timmy boy is still blaming others for his wrong doing …… Typical spoiled frat boy

  3. LittleWoodBuildinginaValley says:

    Could it be that two of her children are from a previous, previous marriage? Not the one where she was a widow, but one where she is not the legal custodian?

    • The Shadow says:

      More than likely…

      And could it be that some are really delusional in not accepting an 85% of the vote defeat. A public official’s personal life should remain that unless it is somehow involved in public duties.