What Has Occurred in Several Weeks to Cause ME to Defend Congressman Duncan as I Have?

I have had several people confront me (some in an angry old man manner) about my postings about the Second District Congressional race. People have asked why are you defending Congressman Duncan as you have and as you continue to do so? I am glad to answer.

His opponent has changed his campaign tactics. His opponent began using code words to describe our Congressman as a part of the “ruling permanent political class”. The Congressman’s opponent began using the code words almost immediately after Eric Cantor’s loss in Virginia. There are a lot of things that can be said about Congressman Duncan, but “ruling permanent political class” aka The Kennedy’s, Bush’s, Clinton’s ain’t it.

No Congressman represents his constituents better than Jimmy Duncan. No one in the Second District is refused a meeting with the Congressman, when they ask for one. His staff has minimal turn over, because the staff from Washington to Knoxville to the field reps are all on the same page, the Congressman has instilled in his staff that the taxpayer of the Second District is BOSS.

We (others and myself) can agree or disagree with term limits and whether multiple years of service is too long or too short. The bottom line is that every two years, the citizens of the Second District have had options and each time they selected Congressman Duncan. Whether those options were Dudley Taylor, Environmental Activist Steven Smith, Dr. Bob Proffitt or as in 2006 now Farragut Mayor Ralph McGill. Each time, Congressman Duncan was elected. This year, he seeks to serve another two years, not four years, six years, eight years or ten. It is to serve through 2016.

While the public has a terrible taste for the current state of affairs in Washington. With a President out of touch with reality, using the pen of Executive Order to do whatever the hell he wants. With a Congress that is about as dysfunctional as the Kardashian family meets a Jerry Springer episode. Replacing Congressman Duncan with an unknown quantity is not the answer! Sending a guy into the dysfunctional entity that is Congress will do absolutely nothing but set our voice to the back row of the hall of Congress.

The main concern that I have is the total disregard for respect to Congressman Duncan as a Representative and total disregard for his lack of service. Whether it’s Congressman Duncan’s opponents aggressive campaign volunteers walking in parades ahead of their vehicle and right beside Congressman Duncan’s car to block the publics view of the Congressman or the opponents campaign volunteers placing their signs on property owned by the Congressman.

I realize that I am a three decade and counting political activist, I am old school in believing that you should give respect where it’s due. With Congressman Duncan respect is due and is NOT currently being given by his opponent and his opponents volunteers. When the candidate demonstrates respect, the volunteers follow. The tone of this website changed when the Congressman’s opponents campaign tone changed.

While I have known Jimmy Duncan through our (his and my) church family of Eastminister Presbyterian Church before he was ever a Congressman. I know that if Jimmy Duncan knew that I was writing this and planning to post it, he would say, Brian don’t do it, it’s ok. I would have to look at him and say Congressman I can not sit idly by and let this happen to you.

The Congressman has always stood with me and with you (reader), RESPECT is due the Congressman! He is not currently being treated right, by his opponent and opponents volunteers and it is now time for us to rally to and FOR Congressman Duncan.

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6 Responses

  1. Trish says:

    Thanks Brian! I totally agree with this article on the respect issue! I think any and every campaign should be run with respect for each candidate. Granddaddy ran his campaigns that way and Jimmy has as well in every campaign. It makes me sad when people disrespect others, and then on top of that to claim that they are Christians. Thanks for all that you do and your support!

  2. Kathy Johnson says:

    Amen! Jimmy Duncan reads and responds personally to the citizens’ concerns. He may not respond immediately (very busy man); but you are not ignored. He too attends Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church and comes to worship, not to buy votes. WAKE UP, folks. Regardless of your political party preference, Duncan is the real guy!!

    Kathy Johnson

  3. Congressman Duncan is a class act! I have heard several people comment on how disrespectful Zachery is! I am over him playing the “God” card when he’s in front of one group and then bashing a real Godly man every chance he gets. He claims he wants to “take back our seat” well he needs to realize that we the people of this district never gave the seat away WE have overwhelmingly elected Congressman Duncan and will again in Aug!

  4. The Shadow says:

    Zachary has a campaign sign blocking the view of traffic coming eastbound going westbound on Kingston Pike blocking the view of drivers pulling out on Papaermill turning right on to Kingston Pike. That intersection is dangerous enough already.

  5. Elmer Henderlight says:

    Zachary might as well give it up, Jimmy is this old mans pick. I can call a race just by a persons demeanor and past history, I haven’t lost a prediction yet. Let me just tell you a little about my friend Jimmy. His mother and father were saintly people, taking the time to teach their children old fashioned values. Long before computers and cell phones his father put pen to paper and could dictate a letter that could peel the paint off the wall to prove the point of a member of his district. And to this day before the sun sets Jimmy does the same thing. Jimmy has surrounded himself with a great staff, and there is no finer man than Bobby and the ever so eloquent Ms. Jenny. So listen close Zachery give it up.

    When you see the vast turnout of this community for a chance to even shake the mans hand, you can see the man is well respected and loved. There hasn’t been a time that Jimmy hasn’t extended his hand to a stranger on the street, not because he was running for office, he was proud to be their congressman.

    Jimmy if you are reading this I want to remind you of your fathers quote. I asked your dad sitting at the S&S Cafeteria with Cas Walker and Ralph Teague ” John why don’t you just buy yourself a decent car, that old Maverick just isn’t what a congressman should be driving.” He picked up his fork, took a bite of pecan pie, and said, I can put that old Maverick in parking spaces that those old Cadillacs can’t fit in.

    Keep it up, I am still putting my money on Jimmy, odds are 8:1.

  6. Weems says:

    Thanks Brian,
    code of the hills! Thank ye kine lee. And
    John III is an old Farragut Man like myself. Like George Washington and me now, John III knows where to “put the pins ” … (the right way…”) as My old boss Hop Bailey Jr. used to tell me. If you want to know the whole George Washington story told by Parson Mason Weems , Brian knows
    Claude III , AAS