Zachary Campaign Tactics are Sleazy, Dirty and Many Other Descriptors

Early Voting ended an hour ago, if you haven’t voted yet, you must do so on Thursday August 7, 2014 between 8 am until 8 pm. A call was received several days ago from an individual that identified themselves as an early voting center. Because it was anonymous, my decision was to wait until early voting ended.

Several days Zachary supporters would stand in the voting line with their Zachary shirts on, when they entered the voting center, they were told to leave to cover up their shirts that campaign material inside the 100 foot line was not allowed. They would leave and in a day or two they would return. The individuals were ultimately believed to have been identified as Loudon County residents and NOT Knox County residents.

So sad that such classless, sleazy tactics are utilized in such desperation attempts by a desperate money challenged campaign.

Another incident from the Grainger County Tomato Festival in which a Zachary paid consultant made some unbelievable comments to a Congressman Duncan volunteer. Zachary asked four weeks ago for me to contact him with ANY questions, I have sent multiple texts to him regarding the incident. I copied the texts to a witness Zachary brought to that meeting. The witness has responded to the texts vouching for the paid consultant and that would be out of character for the consultant. I explained the person he said it to, I have personally known for 25 plus years. The witness further advised me how to write the post, that ain’t happening. Big ole bottom line, Zachary says to do this one way, four weeks ago and he isn’t a person of his word.

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