WBIR’s Inside Tennessee Really Owe Cheri Siler and Eddie Smith Equal Time

Yesterday’s Inside Tennessee on WBIR John Becker was the moderator, Democrat Don Bosch and Republican Extraordinaire Susan Richardson Williams. The guests were State Senate District 7 candidate Richard Briggs, State Representative candidate Martin Daniel (who is unopposed on November 4, 2014) and Circuit Court Judge Division II Elect Bill Ailor.

Becker said several times that the program would have Briggs back with the other State Senate candidate Cheri Siler. In addition, Becker acknowledged having had Briggs on while State Senator Stacey Campfield (he is still the Senator until after the November 4, 2014 election results are certified. Probably sometime late November) and he were running in the primary.

Instead of having Briggs back with Siler, Siler is owed an entire Inside Tennessee to make up for the primary coverage and this blatant slap. One of the first statements made by Becker was that they would have three candidates that won recent elections. Having Briggs on who still faces an opponent and having Daniel on who does not face an opponent is inconsistent. If the program were going to have winners that face challengers, than Eddie Smith the winning candidate of the State Representative District 13 primary and still faces incumbent State Rep. Gloria Johnson.

It seemed that the whole purpose of at least the first two guests was for Bosch to gloat about Senator Campfield’s loss. If you have it on DVR, just freeze the screen when Bosch asks Briggs about the third factor in his win. Arrogance is a mild descriptor for Bosch’s body language. Even with Daniel as the guest, Bosch couldn’t refrain from mentioning Campfield.

The election is over, boys! Get over it!

Williams as always was the consummate professional, ignoring Bosch’s immaturity and Becker’s lack of Bosch control. Daniel went into great detail about his opponent and Campfield. It seems that WBIR and Bosch really want Campfield back.

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