Former School Board Member, Treasurer Violates Election Law

A former Knox County School Board Member and Treasurer for Karen Carson‘s 2004, 2008, 2012 school board elections gets hit by ‘da career killa’ Mike Donila here. This is NOT the first time the former School Board Member, failed 2004 State Representative Candidate has sent emails on behalf of Carson. I have a file of emails that have been forwarded to me over the years.

Carson’s Republican bonafides?

She ain’t one! In the Presidential Primary of 2004 when she was a non partisan candidate she voted in the Democrat Primary for President. Going opposite of George W. Bush. In Tennessee John Kerry garnered 41% of the statewide vote, followed by 26.5% for John Edwards, followed by 23.1% for Wesley Clark, followed by 4.4% for Howard Dean, followed by 1.7% for Al Sharpton, .09% for Joe Lieberman, followed by .07% Uncommitted, followed by .07% for Carol Moseley-Braun, followed by .06% for Dennis Kucinich, followed by .06% for Richard Gephardt ending with .01% for Lyndon Larouche.

Fall out

A few weeks ago, WBIR reported here that a Strawberry Plains woman is under investigation for election violation of failing to properly disclose the source of funding on a political mailer. The situation invloving Carson involves someone fully aware of the law and should be investigated. Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett has appeared before the Nashville panel twice. Commissioner Amy Broyles has also appeared twice as well. They both faced considerable fines. At a minimum, with Donila’s post, a complaint should be considered by the panel. In order to send the message not to allow this to happen again, just like District Attorney General James “Jimmy” Dunn in Jefferson County, Knox County District Attorney Charme Allen should request the TBI provide investigative assistance.


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4 Responses

  1. Peterbilt says:

    I was told the Jablonski’s moved back to the North where they came from. I heard that her husbands business got acquired by a competitor, in addition to one child’s untimely death and another’s failed marital relationship.

  2. Jeff Crippen says:

    As a resident of the district in which Ms. Carson is thinking of running, I am very hopeful that someone else who is not a tax and spend liberal will seek this post. Ms. Carson would have raised our property taxes how many times in the past 6 or 7 years if the school board had had the power to do so? She is not what this district wants, someone who pays no attention to what the taxpayers are saying.

  3. When will they learn? says:

    If someone files an election complaint Carson will not run.

  4. BHornback says:

    Maybe SPEAK could /would file a complaint