Hall Files Assault Report (not charges) against Daniel!

Correction: July 22, 2016 3:40 pm in an interview with Hallerin Hilton Hill, Steve Hall says he has filed an assault report, not charges.


Original Post: July 22, 2016 3:35 p.m.: Newstalk98.7 reports that Steve Hall has filed assault charges on Martin Daniel for shoving Mr. Hall in the studios of Newstalk98.7. Read our report yesterday here and this morning here. Most interesting is the WVLT story, here.

“(Hall) motioned to get up out of the chair. I simply prevented him from getting out of the chair,” Daniel said on the phone with Local 8 News.

Heather Burian, Reporter: “Do you feel it was necessary to use your hands to make your point?”
Daniel: “You mean to motion with my hands?”
Heather: “No, to push (Hall).”
Daniel: “No. The push occurred when he came at me. The push occurred when Mr. Hall rose to come at me.”

“If you know me, which a lot of people do because I was on city council for eight years, I had a kidney transplant, I’m a diabetic, I don’t fight,” Hall rebutted.

What right does Daniel or anyone have to keep Hall or any person in thier chair?

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  1. BurkMassie says:

    I would guess that a couple other people believe Daniel is a liar. Martin is a little dirty liar