Robert Lawrence Smith Knows the Rules, He Just Doesn’t Think They Should Apply To Him

Thanks to Independent Journalist Dan Andrews for passing this along, it seems Robert Lawrence Smith a former County Commissioner and an announced candidate for County Commission again in 2018 has posted a photo of himself and some scouts clothed in BSA uniforms.


A violation as Andrews found out from a July 2016 Scouting magazine article.

I myself am a 1984 Eagle Scout and I have ALWAYS adhered to the Scout direction on not having the marks, uniforms in campaign material.


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1 Response

  1. Dorothy English says:

    This ass clown is done! Commission runs better without the lawnmower junkie. He did nothing productive while playing commissioner. Eating lunch and attending ribbon cuttings for photo opportunities does not count. Stay out there off 640 and watch progress at the North Knoxville malfunction junction. Sorry the state didn’t purchase your blighted eyesore of an office building. Why don’t you pave the parking lot, the pot holes are terrible!