South Knox County is Exciting Tonight and Tomorrow

This afternoon at 5 pm, there is a meeting at Ye Olde Steak House in South Knoxville that County Commissioners Carson Dailey and Larsen Jay have publicly noticed. I wrote about it, here. Interesting that when I inquired about this meeting, Dailey replied by email that it is a “concerned citizens” meeting. Other Commissioners may attend tonight.

Last Monday, the meeting organizer Ms. Robin King appeared and spoke before the Knox County Commission. Her speech is below.

According to one of my sources, the community meeting organized by Tom Boyd, the developer of the proposed Ancient Lore Resort had noticed a meeting scheduled for tomorrow 2/5/2019 at SoKno Market and then is when Ms. King Organized the meeting with the Commissioners for tonight.

A meeting with Commissioners appears odd in that this development has not gone to the Metropolitan Planning Commission yet. It must first go to the MPC before going to the Knox County Commission.

Ms. King voiced concern at Commission last week in current activities on Mr. Boyd’s property. It should be noted that Mr. Boyd is free to move earth and do anything on his private property within the current zoning of his property. Placing ponds on his property is not against the rules and regulations of Knox County.

If I am unable to attend either meeting, I will plan to have someone there to report back to me what happens.





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