You Are NOT There to Do NOTHING

Yesterday the Tennessee legislature voted on the TN Heartbeat Bill. A bill that will make abortion illlegal after a heartbeat is detected, which has been said is 6 weeks. I will not debate the merits of the bill itself.

What I am not happy about is three Knoxville area Republican legislators whose vote was listed as Present Not Voting. Rookie State Rep. Justin Lafferty, State Rep. Martin Daniel and Speaker Pro-Tem Bill Dunn.

The districts elected you to do the job. The job is to represent your constituents, research bills and cast a VOTE.

If you thought it was a bad bill, then VOTE NO. BUT cast a dang VOTE.

Employers do not hire people to do nothing and the districts voters employed Lafferty, Daniel and Dunn and they draw a salary and benefits and did NOTHING but occupy a seat.



The Present NOT VOTING is Blue

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1 Response

  1. Art says:

    Did you ask them why they elected to vote present?