Why Are the Knox County Taxpayers ALWAYS on the Hook?

Back to this Knox County Government lease for the Knox County Schools Central Office move to the TVA East Tower.

Why does Knox County Government have to be the ones to sign the lease and then sub lease  the top 6 floors to the University of Tennessee? A Source has told me that UT can purchase or lease out right as they have the capital.

Well, how about that Urgent Behavioral Health Center. Where the County, City and State of Tennessee partnered for three years. BUT, the State walked away after one year. The State has plenty of cash with their rainy day funds, but that did not keep them from walking away. But the local taxpayers are stuck paying for it.

No one should ever question why I write that Knox County treats the Schools as an abused spouse, cause the taxpayers have been on the hook for years.

Just like when we got hooked on a wheel tax to pay for a Justice Center, but wait they changed it to a Downtown Library, for which we got neither. BUT we are still paying a freaking wheel tax. So, we just continue paying for a bloated government.


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1 Response

  1. Liberals are Insane says:

    Great question, why doesn’t UT step up? Why do the taxpayers have to fund this Moron idea?

    After last night, I would say this is dead. Larsen Jay ain’t too bright. Calling Bob Thomas a liar for five minutes is the end of the AJ sale. Especially when Jay’s numbers are such BS. The hair, the empty suit. What a poser Jay is.